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  • Racing Tactics with Gary Jobson Racing Tactics with Gary Jobson In this 66 minute how-to sailing video, America's Cup champion Gary Jobson covers racing tactics that the technical skills you and your crew need to improve the performance of your boat in both fleet and match races. Gary takes you aboard a variety of sailboats to provide hands-on lessons. He uses animation and graphics to visualize concepts like wind shear and starting techniques that will help you get your boat out in front.
  • Sailvation: Charter Boat Hand-Over Briefing Sailvation: Charter Boat Hand-Over Briefing Sailvation provides background on all technical aspects of a typical charter boat hand-over. The video is not designed to replace your live hand-over, but with the information it provides, you'll be better equipped to understand the hand-over process and ask more detailed questions about your charter yacht when you arrive.
  • Sail Trim and Performance Sailing with Gary Jobson Sail Trim and Performance Sailing with Gary Jobson From the Sailing Quarterly Video Magazine library. In this 66 minute how-to sailing video, America's Cup champion Gary Jobson covers all aspects of sail trim that will help you improve the performance of your boat wether you race or cruise.
  • The Complete Street The Complete Street For the first time, TheSailingChannel has brought together all five Don Street videos. Don has decades of offshore sailing experience. Through his videos, you can learn from one of the legendary sailors of our time. For 57 years, Don sailed Iolaire, his 46 ft engineless wooden yawl built in 1905. He crossed the Atlantic numerous times, and is largely responsible for opening up the Caribbean to modern cruisers through his Imray-Iolaire charts and Caribbean cruising guides. Don has also contributed a wealth of knowledge about ocean sailing through his two volume set, The Ocean Sailing Yacht, as well as countless articles for major sailing magazines.
  • Don Street Sailors' Knots & Line Handling Don Street Sailors' Knots & Line Handling Don starts by covering 8 basic knots then adds more advanced knots like the rolling hitch, fisherman's bend, and tow boat hitch. With a down to earth style, he teaches you how to tie each knot and most importantly, when to use it, making a sometimes difficult subject easy and pleasurable.
  • Don Street's Streetwise Tips Vol. 1 Don Street's Streetwise Tips Vol. 1 From the Sailing Quarterly Video Magazine library, this 56-minute how-to sailing video is hosted by veteran charter skipper and sailing author, Don Street. Don explains Heavy Weather Preparation and Sailing Tactics; Foredeck Work; Mainsail Flaking Systems; Sail Repairs; Distance Offshore & Simplified Celestial Navigation; and Rigging Boom Preventers for jibe prevention.
  • DonStreet's Streetwise Tips Vol. 2 DonStreet's Streetwise Tips Vol. 2 More sailing tips from Don Street so you can cruise safely and with confidence. Every sailor should carry this video on their Smart Phone, iPod, Tablet or onboard computer for quick reference.
  • Seamanship Vol. 1 Seamanship Vol. 1 From the Sailing Quarterly Video Magazine library, this 53-minute how-to video covers Anchor Penetration and Holding; Weather Forecasting and Routing; Anchoring under Sail; Securing a Mediterranean (Med) Mooring; and a Man Overboard (MOB) Recovery demonstration by the U.S. Naval Academy Sailing Team. Presenters include Gary Jobson plus sailing experts Hal Sutphen, John Rousmaniere, Frank Papy, Bill Biewenga, and Keith Taylor.
  • Seamanship Vol. 2 Seamanship Vol. 2 From the Sailing Quarterly Video Magazine library, this 71 minute how-to sailing video hosted by America's Cup champion Gary Jobson addresses Safety-at-Sea, Cruising Equipment, and Sail Performance.

  • Cuba and the Ragged Islands Cuba and the Raggaed Islands A film by Paul Burgess In this 3-part series, sail with Paul and Leslie Burgess aboard Suliere, their 50 foot ocean-going catamaran as they voyage to Cuba's Hemingway Marina, tour old Havana and the Cuban countryside, then sail on to the remote Ragged Islands of the Bahamas.
  • Red Dot on the Ocean: The Matt Rutherford Story Red Dot on the Ocean: The Matt Rutherford Story Once labeled a “youth-at-risk,” 30-year old Matt Rutherford risked it all in an attempt to become the first person to sail alone, nonstop around North and South America. Red Dot on the Ocean is the story of Matt's death-defying voyage and the childhood odyssey that shaped him.
  • Voyage of Entr`acte: The San Blas Islands and The Panama Canal Voyage of Entr`acte: The San Blas Islands and The Panama Canal Join the crew of Entr'acte for a journey between two oceans. "The San Blas and Panama Canal" begins in Grenada and crosses the Caribbean Sea to the enchanting San Blas Islands. There Ellen and Ed Zacko re-unite with old friends Paula and John on Mr. John VI to explore the jungle of Panama and transit the Panama Canal together. Travel with them to this un-spoiled, primordial area inhabited by the Cuna Indians. Experience the magnificence of the Panama Canal from the deck of a small sailing vessel.
  • Voyage of Entr`acte: The Partnership Voyage of Entr`acte: The Partnership Ed and Ellen Zacko have been cruising aboard Entr'acte, their Lyle Hess designed, Nor Sea 27 self-finished sloop for over 30 years. The Partnership is a story of love and friendship, discovery and improbability. Ellen and Ed Zacko met while playing in the orchestra of a Broadway musical and hatched a scheme to take a temporary brake from the hectic New York scene and explore the world together. Their adventure aboard a Nor Sea 27 foot sloop led them to discover a different side of life that would change their lives forever.
  • Suliere -Cruising the Exhumas & Jumentos Suliere -Cruising the Exhumas & Jumentos Sail aboard Suliere, a 50 foot St. Francis ocean-going catamaran. Owners Paul and LInda have opted for the cruising lifestyle. Sail with them as they cruise the southern Bahamas, exploring the Exumas and remote Jumentos Cays. Also see Suliere - The Crossing, a documentary of her maiden voyage from South Africa to Grenada in the Caribbean.
  • Don Street Antigua Race Week `85 Don Street Antigua Race Week `85 A one hour award-winning documentary which lets you share the intense sailing action aboard Don Street's 80 year old, 42 foot, engineless yawl, "Iolaire" during Antigua Sailing Week, 1985, Iolarie's final appearance in one of the world's top sailing events. Included in "The Complete Street".
  • Beyond the West Horizon Beyond the West Horizon A film by Eric and Susan Hiscock. In the late 1950's, very few "middle class" sailors had taken small sailing craft on long voyages. British Sailors, Eric and Susan Hiscock became pioneers in making long trans-oceanic passages in a small sailboat to what was then quite remote destinations. Their sailing adventures paved the way for future generations of cruising sailors who would follow in their wake, making blue water passage-making the more common experience it has become today.
  • Two's a Crew Two's a Crew Two veteran sailors return to the sea following a 15-year refit of their self-built Ferro cement ketch, "Banyandah" (aboriginal word meaning “home on the water”) which had carried them and their two sons around the world. With the kids grown, it's time to cast off the lines once again for new sailing adventures. Join Jack and Jude for a 9,000 mile, 3-year circumnavigation of Australia.
  • Raw Faith: a Family Saga Raw Faith: a Family Saga A film by Gregory Roscoe. In 1997, the McKay family decided to build a three masted Galleon as a way for the family to voyage and see new places. However, the boat needed to be handicapped accessible for their daughter. This accommodation evolved into a mission to bring accessible sailing to others. In 1998, the family started construction down east in Addison, Maine. Working with his three sons over four years, George McKay built RawFaith. She was 118 feet long, 26 feet wide and weighed 300 tons. The McKay's launched RawFaith on August 3, 2003. After a series of adventures, shake down cruises and challenges, which included dismastings and family breakdowns, RawFaith was lost at sea in December 2010. RawFaith is a family saga told through the lens of a man, a mission, and a boat.
  • 600 Days to Cocos & the Galapagos Islands 600 Days to Cocos & the Galapagos Islands Completed in 1976, this is a two part sailing documentary by skipper and noted Hollywood cinematographer, Gene Evens (Roots, Jeremiah Johnson, Lady Sings the Blues, Batman and many more movie and television productions) and his wife Josie aboard their 32 foot sloop, "Discubridor" ("Discoverer"). Their sailing adventure takes them over 10,000 miles from southern California south to Costa Rica, offshore to Cocos Island and the Galapagos Islands, then home to San Diego. Along the way they explore remote locales, fish, struggle against storms, and on a few occasions fight for survival.
  • Transatlantic with Street Transatlantic with Street A film by Gavin Shaw. One of the first sailing documentaries shot on video. Classic Atlantic ocean 5,000 mile trade wind passage shot in 1986 aboard noted sailor/author Don Street's 1905 engineless 44 foot yawl, Iolaire. Documents Iolair's ninth Atlantic crossing from Ireland with eleven ocean islands along the way. First landfall is Vigo in dense fog. Next, a short-handed 800 mile passage to Madeira. Then enroute to the Canaries, the desolate and dangerous Salvage Islands. The trade winds fill in at 20 N and it's an easy reach to the Verdes. From there, a fast 14-day run of 2100 miles with whales, water rationing, a leaky bilge bring Iolaire safely into Antigua just in time for Christmas.
  • Suliere: The Crossing Suliere: The Crossing From St. Francis, South Africa, sail south aboard the 50 foot catamaran, Suliere, on her maiden voyage stopping at Cape Town then heading northwest across the Atlantic to the Caribbean island of Grenada. Find out what it's like to sail one of the world's longest ocean passages. Your port of departure is St. Francis in South Africa then onto Cape Town for final commissioning. Once underway, stop in the middle of the Atlantic on the famous island of St. Helena where Napoleon was imprisoned, then make your final passage to Grenada, gateway to the exotic Leeward Islands of the Caribbean. Learn and feel what it's like to live the dream of long range cruising under sail. Also see Suliere - Cruising the Exumas & Jumentos.

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Sail Vicarious - The Series

Irish Rose: Seattle to Juneau
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Sail Repair with Wally Moran
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Finish the Boat
The Big Sailboat Project
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Explore Newfoundland
Mary T Newfoundland DVD Art

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Secret Caribbean Pt2
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Tall Ships: The Privateer Lynx
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Once Upon an Island: the Atlantic
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Jean-du-Sud Around the World
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Cruising on the Mary T
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Build in Steel
The Big Sailboat Project
LA's Getaway Island
Cast Off for Catalina: Cruising & Visitor Guide

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Experience History
In the Wake of the ZACA
Cruising Tips with Captn Jack
Chill Out

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Defy Convention
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Cruising with Bettie

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